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3 Potential Trade Options for the Raptors in the 2023-24 Season

3 Potential Trade Options for the Raptors in the 2023-24 Season

While the Toronto Raptors did bring in Dennis Schroder to replace Fred VanVleet through free agency, they chose a relatively subdued approach during the annual trade rush. Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby have been mentioned as potential trade options, but as of now, both are still part of the Raptors’ roster.

The Raptors are likely entering the season with the intention of vying for a playoff spot. However, they won’t persist in their efforts if they start to decline significantly. Darko Rajakovic might end up overseeing a shift from pursuing postseason success to initiating a rebuilding phase for the Raptors.

With a few experienced players holding expiring contracts, the Raptors possess attractive assets that contenders could covet. Having already given up a first-round pick, which might end up in the lottery, to acquire Jakob Poeltl, Toronto might need to replenish their resources.

The Raptors have the means to make changes if they opt for a complete overhaul and a glimpse of struggle might be the catalyst for President Masai Ujiri to initiate significant transformations. Although these three players are set to begin the season with the Raptors, their status by the end of it could be markedly different

3 Potential Trade Options for the Raptors in the 2023-24 Season

3. Otto Porter Jr.

3 Potential Trade Options for the Raptors in the 2023-24 Season
Porter Jr./Raptors

The current presence of Porter on the roster at this juncture of the season is a bit perplexing, given his limited participation in the 2022-23 season and the Raptors’ apparent acquisition of a replacement in Jalen McDaniels. Will Porter even find a spot in the playing rotation when the season commences?

Porter has previously been labeled as a liability due to his injury history, and the reasons for this assessment are evident. With just eight games played last season due to injuries and a recent setback, his health concerns have persisted over the past few seasons. Who would be interested in acquiring a player with a history of health issues?

Otto Porter Jr. might get traded by the Toronto Raptors.

Toronto faces the challenge of persuading other teams that Porter can be an asset as a role player for a championship-caliber team once he’s fully recovered. It’s important to acknowledge his substantial role in the Warriors’ fourth championship victory during the Steph Curry era, where his versatility and shooting played a crucial role.

If the Raptors succeed in finding a trade partner for Porter, they might have the chance to acquire a late-round pick in exchange. However, a less favorable scenario, which is still on the table, could entail attaching a second-round pick to Porter’s contract to facilitate a deal that removes his contract from the Raptors’ roster.

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2. Chris Boucher

Following the initial wave of signings, Boucher appeared to be a potential bargaining chip for trades. Given the surplus at the power forward position and voids to address in other areas, it seemed like a logical choice for Masai Ujiri to trade Boucher for a valuable bundle of draft picks or a backcourt player.

3 Potential Trade Options for the Raptors in the 2023-24 Season

Contrary to expectations, Toronto made the decision to retain their promising asset, even though his performance has displayed significant fluctuations. Boucher’s form can vary greatly from week to week; he might shine like an All-Star one week, only to find himself on the bench the next. Surprisingly, this inconsistency did not deter Toronto from keeping him on board.

The Toronto Raptors could move off Chris Boucher.

Boucher remains a dynamic player on both ends of the court, demonstrating his ability to elevate his performance during the postseason. Given his contract, which won’t excessively burden a team’s salary cap, Boucher could prove to be a valuable addition for any championship contender seeking frontcourt support.

Acquiring a player of comparable worth would be a logical move for Toronto, but an eager team might even be open to surrendering a protected first-round draft pick several years ahead. Considering the current inflated state of the trade market, such a transaction could indeed be justifiable.

1. OG Anunoby

3 Potential Trade Options for the Raptors in the 2023-24 Season

Should the Raptors refrain from trading Siakam prior to the season’s commencement, it becomes challenging to imagine a scenario where they relinquish one of the franchise’s standout players for a collection of uncertain assets. Conversely, there’s a higher possibility that Anunoby could be involved in a trade deal.

Anunoby was made available during the preceding trade deadline, with teams such as the Warriors and Grizzlies exhibiting some level of interest before ultimately retracting. Ujiri’s demands for numerous unprotected first-round draft picks in exchange for Anunoby appear to be a sticking point. Could his stance potentially soften as the year progresses?

OG Anunoby could be a trade chip for the Toronto Raptors.

Anunoby had reportedly experienced frustration due to his limited offensive role previously, and he could address that concern by joining a different team that places greater emphasis on his offensive contributions. With impressive 3-point shooting ability and a strong presence in the paint, Anunoby’s skill set is intriguing.

Given his defensive prowess, it’s easy to envision how he could strongly appeal to championship contenders, arguably becoming the most versatile defender in the league. Despite his impending free agency, trading Anunoby could yield substantial returns for Toronto. If Scottie Barnes makes progress, Ujiri might feel more at ease parting ways with a seasoned role player like OG.

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