How the NBA community marked the 44th Kobe Bryant birthday

kobe bryant birthday

Kobe Bryant birthday was marked on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, by the NBA world. The five-time NBA champion died in a helicopter crash in late January 2020 at Calabasas.

Bryant, who was traveling in the aircraft with his daughter Ginna Bryant, met their untimely death when the commercial chopper met a bad weather. The chopper crashed into nearby mountains due to the bad weather. As a result, the basketball legend, his daughter, and seven others perished. Though he’s dead; Kobe Bryant birthday is still marked.

Kobe Bryant’s death shocked the entire NBA community. Evident to this was the mammoth tributes paid to him by fans and sympathizers all over the world.

Even though he is gone more than two years ago, the day he was brought into this world continues to be marked by his family, loved ones, his former team the Los Angeles Lakers, and the league in which he played for 20 years.

He played for the Lakers from 1996 until his retirement in 2016, and won five NBA championships for the team.

However, on the 44th Kobe Bryant birthday, he was again well celebrated. He was remembered, with fliers of him flooding social media platforms.

Others too shared old dunking videos, photo collages, and any other captured memorable moments of the legend.

In this article, the NBA Republic documented how the entire NBA community marked Bryant’s 44th birthday.

Below are some posts celebrating the icon

Bryant’s former teammate Lamar Odom, in a Facebook post said; ” I have my good days and bad days but your spirit that speaks to me often and the memories keep me pushing through day to day! You’re my true guardian angel and we shall meet again my friend.”

May his soul, and that of his daughter, continue to rest in peace!

Source: NBA Republic


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