6ix9ine LA Fitness incident: Why Twitters users are mocking the rapper

6ix9ine LA fitness

On Tuesday, March 21, Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was hospitalized after a group of men pounced on him with severe beatings in LA fitness gym in South Florida. The incident was captured on video, and sincerely, it was a huge beating 6ix9ine suffered.

Though the motives of the rapper’s attackers are not yet known, many believe the attack could be a revenge over a plea deal 6ix9ine signed in 2019. This deal saved him from several years of jail term. As a result of the deal, Tekashi provided information on certain individuals.

But one thing that is most shocking about the whole incident, are the reactions that trooped in. It is unbelievable that many netizens, instead of sympathizing with the rapper, chose to mock him instead. Almost all reactions to the incident have mockery elements in them.

In this article, we’ve discussed possible reasons behind people’s resolve to mock the rapper.

Why twitter users are trolling 6ix9ine after LA fitness incident

Tekashie is one of the controversial rappers in the American music industry. The 26-year-old rapper has in the past beefed fellow rappers. He once mocked rapper Lil Reece for defecating in his pant when he was being jumped some years ago.

Furthermore, 6ix9ine is seen by many as a braggart and for that matter they develop hatred for him.

So, to see 6ix9ine jumped and left bloodied, is a moment most have been waiting to see. They had always wanted to know if the rapper can actually fight or not.

Check some of the funny reactions below

Check out more tweets trolling the rapper.

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