A Closer Look at Groups’ A and B of the FIBA 2023 World Cup.

The winning nation of the last edition of the fiba World Cup : Spain

In this article we will be looking into the teams in group A and B of the FIBA world in greater length.  In a similar vein, we will be looking to cover the remaining groups as the competition gets closer.

Group A: Angola, Dominican Republic, Italy, and the Philippines

Angola:The African Powerhouse

Undoubtedly, the basketball team from Angola is a dominant force in the continent, having won 11 African Championships and participating consistently in FIBA Africa Cup of Nations competitions. In addition, they have also established themselves as one of Africa’s best teams, and in 2023, they plan to aim to get recognition on a global scale.



Dominican Republic: Rising Stars

The Dominican Republic’s basketball programme has progressively developed in recent years, with excellent showings in the 2019 FIBA World Cup and the 2021 FIBA AmeriCup. Also, the Dominican Republic is poised to make a statement in Group A, led by NBA player Al Horford.

Dominican Republic team for the fiba world cup

Italy: Rich Basketball History

Evidently, Italy’s basketball team has a distinguished past, having won a bronze medal at the FIBA World Cup and two Olympic silver medals. With NBA players Danilo Gallinari and Nicolo Melli on the roster, Italy’s team is a serious contender and will be looking to expand its collection of medals.

Italian basketball team for fiba 2023

Philippines: Passionate Fans and Rising Stars

The Philippines is keen to establish itself as a top-tier basketball nation, and with rising star Kai Sotto leading the way, the national team has a devoted and passionate fan base. The team will definitely offer an electrifying atmosphere for players and spectators alike as a joint host of the FIBA 2023 World Cup





Group B: Serbia, China, Puerto Rico, and Sudan

Serbia: A Basketball Powerhouse

Serbia has shown to be one of the top basketball nations in the world, winning a bronze medal at the 2019 FIBA World Cup and a silver medal at the 2016 Olympic Games. Similarly, Serbia’s team, led by NBA veteran Nikola Jokic, will surely be a force to be reckoned with in Group B.


China: Developing Talent

Evidently, the basketball programme in China has been developing over the years, and recently, a number of talented young players have come to the fore. The Chinese basketball team has a bright future with Yao Ming leading the team. .

the Chinese team for the fiba world cup


Puerto Rico: Resilient and Experienced

The destruction caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017 has had an impact on the nation and its athletes, which has caused problems for Puerto Rico’s basketball system in recent years. further, the group, however, has proven its grit and endurance by making the 2019 FIBA World Cup and placing in the top 16.



Sudan: Debutants at FIBA World Cup

Clearly, the African side will make their international debut at the FIBA 2023 World Cup. in addition, the country’s basketball programme is growing, and its’ qualification for the competition is a credit to their hard work and dedication. finally, Sudan will be looking forward to make name for themselves.


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