Meet Aaron Judge wife, Samantha Bracksieck

aaron judge wife samantha bracksieck

New York Yankees outfielder, Aaron Judge, is a happily married man. The 30-year old baseball player married in December 2021 in a modest wedding which was attended by just fewer people.

Samantha Bracksieck is the legal Aaron Judge wife. The lovebirds who started their amorous affair way back in High School, tied the knot at the popular Montage Kapalua Bay resort in Hawaii.

In this article, however, NBA Republic will throw some lights on the woman who can be described as the support system of Aaron Judge.

So, who is Aron Judge wife?

Samantha Bracksieck attended the same high school, Linden High School, with Aaron Judge in California. It was in the school that they saw each other and started dating.

After high school, the lovebirds reunited at the Fresno-based California State University where Bracksieck is said to have acquired a bachelor and masters degrees in Exercise Science.

Bracksieck is widely believed to be the support system that his husband boasts of. She always stays and encourages Judge in his trying times, cheering him up from the stands during some Yankees games.

It was reported by various celebrity gossip websites sometime ago that Judge and Samantha, at a point in time, broke up but rekindled not long after.

Aaron Judge wife, on February 25, 2020, was pulled over by some police officers in Scottsdale, Arizona. She was busted while driving without her headlights on, and later charged with what the police termed “extreme DUI.” At the time, she was cited on five charges.

Samantha initially pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. She however, later agreed to plea guilty to the charges, and as a result, all the charges were dropped.

She was born on August 12, 1993 in San Joaquin, California. She had all her education in the state.

The couple who have a significant height difference, are yet to have a child in their marriage.

Source: NBA Republic

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