Accra to London Road Trip by the Wanderlust Geng : An Epic Road Expedition’s Journey through 9 Countries

Embarking on an incredible journey that spans continents and cultures, a group of 13 intrepid adventurers has set out on a remarkable road trip from Accra, Ghana, all the way to the bustling city of London, United Kingdom.

Covering over 7300 kilometers and crossing 8 countries, their expedition has already taken them through a whirlwind of landscapes, challenges, and camaraderie.

In the heart of this daring group is Nana Afua Serwaa, the lone female among a band of determined males, who seeks to revolutionize the car-buying experience back home in Ghana.

Kicking off their journey from Accra, the group embarked on an ambitious mission to drive across continents, uncovering diverse terrains and climates along the way.

Over 100 hours of driving have propelled them through a fascinating trail of countries, starting from their origin in Ghana and traversing Nigeria, Niger, Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, and now, the magnificent landscapes of Spain.

With each passing kilometer, their bond grows stronger, and their determination to conquer the challenge becomes more evident.

Meet Nana Afua Serwaa : The Only Female On Board

Amid this group of adventurers stands Nana Afua Serwaa, a trailblazer who shatters gender stereotypes with her unwavering passion for automobiles and mechanics.

From Accra to London by the Wanderlust Geng : An Epic Road Expedition's Journey through 9 Countries
Nana poses next to her car

Armed with expertise as an auto repair technician and a love for biking, Nana Afua has set her sights on conquering a 5650-kilometer journey from Ghana to Morocco.

Her ambition is to deepen her understanding of how vehicles operate across diverse terrains and climates, allowing her to offer invaluable advice to clients seeking to purchase cars.

Joined by fellow enthusiasts, Nana Afua has become a vital member of the “Wanderlust Geng,” a group determined to push the boundaries of adventure and exploration.

Her unique perspective as a female in a predominantly male group adds a layer of empowerment to the expedition.

Through her participation, she strives not only to challenge her own limits but also to inspire others to break free from conventional norms and pursue their passions relentlessly.

The Fleet and Progress:

The journey commenced with 8 vehicles that braved the open roads and unforeseen challenges.

As the expedition makes its way through the picturesque landscapes of Spain, 5 vehicles have successfully reached this checkpoint, overcoming obstacles that come with long stretches of road and diverse terrains.

From Accra to London by the Wanderlust Geng : An Epic Road Expedition's Journey through 9 Countries
The fleet exiting Barcelona, Spain for France.

The fleet includes 2 Toyota Land Cruisers, 1 Mercedes G-Wagon, 1 Ford F150, and 1 Lexus RX350.

With France serving as the current base, the group remains resolute in their mission to reach the United Kingdom, where their journey will culminate.

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