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Anfernee Simons Talks About Damian Lillard’s Trade Request with Portland Trail Blazers

Emerging talent Afernee Simons has spent the last five NBA seasons being mentored by Damian Lillard, who guided him since Simons was selected as the 24th overall pick by the Blazers in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Although Simons is aware of the ongoing rumors about Lillard’s potential departure, he emphasized that he is as uninformed as the general public regarding behind-the-scenes developments. When asked about Lillard’s situation, Simons mentioned that he sticks to focusing only on matters directly related to him.

He acknowledges that people frequently inquire about Lillard’s situation, to which he responds that if reports state Lillard requested a trade, then that’s what he knows. Despite the uncertainty, Simons expressed unwavering support for Lillard, underscoring their close relationship and their familial bond.

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Simons also looked back on the valuable lessons he has learned from Lillard over the years and expressed his intention to carry forward that knowledge to the upcoming generation of NBA rookies.

“I had hoped to request a signed jersey from him when he retired in Portland. However, if he ends up elsewhere, I might have to ask for it sooner. He’s been a tremendous mentor to me, teaching me about the game, professionalism, workout routines, maintaining oneself in this environment, and how to handle success. His guidance has set a strong foundation for my career.

Certainly, I’ll miss those lessons, and I hope to pass on what he’s taught me to other young players as well. Speaking of which, one of those players is Scoot Henderson, who was selected as Portland’s number two overall pick in this year’s draft. He’s living up to his reputation and has a deep understanding of the game, even at his young age. I’m really looking forward to playing alongside him.”

At his Beaverton camp, Simons, aged 24, shared positive remarks about Henderson: “He’s living up to the hype. His high-level comprehension of the game, especially given his age, is impressive. I’m genuinely excited to be on the court with him.”

Considering that Simons was the Blazers’ second-highest scorer last season, if Lillard does end up leaving, Simons will play a role in guiding Henderson. Additionally, he might have to share playmaking duties with the talented young guard.

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