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Anthony Edwards’ Candid Thoughts on Memphis Grizzlies’ Star

Anthony Edwards is well aware of the significance of Jaren Jackson Jr. for Team USA. Jaren Jackson Jr., a prominent player for the Memphis Grizzlies, holds a crucial role in Team USA’s FIBA World Cup lineup.

As the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Jackson possesses the capability to influence the game at both offensive and defensive fronts. However, his effectiveness is hindered when he encounters foul issues.

Foul trouble has posed a challenge for Jackson throughout his professional journey, and his World Cup colleague Anthony Edwards mentions that the team consistently reminds him to address this concern.

“We get on him all the time about fouling,” Edwards told Joe Viray of SB Nation. “We’re trying to keep him out of foul trouble, because we know we’re gonna need him. He’s super important to the team, he might be the most important piece actually.”

Given the FIBA regulations that accentuate Jackson’s defensive prowess, Team USA undoubtedly requires his consistent presence on the court. Edwards highlighted this aspect and mentioned that the team has been conveying this message to the standout player from the Grizzlies.

Although they were opponents in the NBA season, Edwards and Jackson now form a partnership during the summer, holding the potential to become a formidable duo.

While the Team USA roster boasts strong cohesion among its members, specific players will shoulder greater responsibilities. Jackson unquestionably falls into this category, and Edwards emphasized the substantial significance of his role.

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