Archie Roach cause of death: How did the musician die

archie roach cause of death

Australians, and the entire world, are currently mourning the death of legendary musician Archie Roach who passed away aged 66. He died on Saturday, July 30, 2022.

Archie Roach, an Australian songwriter was famously known for his song, Took the Children Away that brought national attention to the story of the stolen generation. His demise compels many of his fans to want to know Archie Roach cause of death.

Roach died at the Warrnambool Base Hospital in the presence of his immediate family and loved ones.

“We are heartbroken to announce the passing of …and storyteller Archie Roach,” his sons, Amos and Eban Roach announced in a statement on behalf of the Roach family.

“We thank all the staff who have cared for Archie over the past month. Archie wanted all of his many fans to know how much he loves you for supporting him along the way. We are so proud of everything our dad achieved in his remarkable life. He was a healer and unifying force. His music brought people together.” the statement added.

Archie Roach cause of death

As at the time of writing this article, the exact Archie Roach cause of death has not yet been revealed by the family.

However, the family indicated in their statement that Roach had been battling ill health for several months. According to the family, he was admitted at the Warrnambool Base Hospital for a month before his passing today.

It is not yet known what sickness Roach was battling with, that led to his admission at the hospital and his subsequent passing.

Meanwhile, the Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has reacted to the musician’s demise. Other Australian politicians have also been reacting to the news.

“Tonight we mourn the passing of Archie Roach. Our country has lost a brilliant talent, a powerful and prolific national truth teller.”

“Archie’s music drew from a well of trauma and pain, but it flowed with a beauty and a resonance that moved us all. We grieve for his death, we honor his life and we hold to the hope that his words, his music and his indomitable spirit will live on to guide us and inspire us,” Prime Minister Albanese tweeted.

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