B/R Trade Proposal: Malcolm Brogdon to the Miami Heat, Nikola Jovic and Duncan Robinson to the Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers made waves this offseason by trading away their long-time franchise player, Damian Lillard, and later dealing Jrue Holiday to the Boston Celtics.

Nonetheless, it appears that the team’s roster adjustments may continue, especially with Malcolm Brogdon being a potential part of the equation.

Zach Buckley of the Bleacher Report has brought up the possibility of another trade for the Blazers, this time involving Malcolm Brogdon.

In his article discussing potential NBA season trades, Buckley suggests a scenario in which Miami Heat would receive Malcolm Brogdon, while the Portland Trail Blazers would acquire Duncan Robinson, Nikola Jović, and a 2027 first-round draft pick.

If the Blazers were to go through with this trade, the main attractions would be Jović and the draft pick.

Although their immediate value might be debated due to Jović’s limited playing time and the Heat’s typical lack of early draft picks, both could prove to be highly valuable assets in the future.

Jović, a 6’10”, 20-year-old player, shows promise with his developing face-up skills, and the Heat are in need of such talent as they transition into a post-Jimmy Butler era.

Robinson’s inclusion in the trade would primarily be for salary considerations, but his potential usefulness to the Blazers could extend beyond that.

Buckley also notes that Portland and Miami have been linked in trade rumors throughout the offseason, first with Damian Lillard and then with the possibility of Jrue Holiday heading to the Heat.

The Blazers could potentially address the Heat’s need for a point guard, although it’s important to remember that Brogdon cannot be traded until next month, thus first week of December. 

Nevertheless, if these trade ideas remain relevant in the coming weeks, it could be a beneficial move for the Blazers.

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