5 Most Popular Bearded Basketball Players

bearded basketball players

Basketball players with beards are a relatively common sight in this modern NBA era. Many players have decided to keep their facial hairs as a style or as a way to intimidate opponents on the court. From full beards to goatees to well-groomed stubble, basketball players with facial hair have become a familiar part of the sport’s culture.

While bearded basketball players may not have their beards impacting their on-court performance, they can help in establishing their identity and personality. The beards may even become a notable part of the player’s brand.

In this article, however, we will highlight five most popular NBA stars who keep beards currently.

Popular bearded NBA stars

1. James Harden

Harden is one of the most notable bearded basketball players. The 33-year old player who recently joined the Philadelphia 76ers, started growing beards when he got tired of shaving.

Harden’s beard has also become a topic of debate among his fans and the media, with many people speculating on the beard’s length and its thickness.

Meanwhile, in recent years, Harden tried varieties of grooming style. This included trimming the beard shorter, and styling it in different ways.

However, aside from the appearance of the beard, it has added significantly to his brand and identity. In 2019, he even trademarked the phrase Fear the Beard, which has become synonymous with his on-court persona.

2. Kyle O’Quinn

Quinn started his professional basketball career in the NBA in 2012, when he was picked by the Orlando Magics in the 2012 NBA draft. He went on to play eight seasons in the league before exiting. He currently plays in the Japanese B-League for the San-en NeoPhoenix.

Quinn has a long and thick beard that is visible from miles away. Even though he is a gentleman outside the court, his bearded look intimidates his opponents on the court.

3. Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is one of the most dominant players in the NBA today, and his beard is a big part of his image. The player who is of Cameroonian heritage, started keeping his beard since his days at Kansas. The beard has since become a key defining feature of his appearance.

Embiid’s beard is well-groomed, thick, and has a distinctive shape that adds to his overall appearance on the court. His unique style has made him a fan favorite and has helped him stand out from the crowd.

4. LeBron James

LeBron is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the 76 years history of the NBA. The 38-year old All-Star started playing in the league in 2003. He recently broke a record to become the highest scorer in the league’s history.

James is also one of those players with lengthy and thick beard. The superstar has been keeping his beard for years now, and it has become part of his solid brand. Fans love the beard to the extent that they nicknamed it hipster beard.

5. Steven Adams

Steven Adams, a New Zealander, was a longtime player for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He currently features for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Adams has soft and long facial hair that add up to his handsomeness. His mustache is one to envy whereas his beard is one that has the attraction power. Though, he is not as popular as Harden or LeBron in the league, he has made a name for himself in he league.

Adams joined the NBA in 2013, and has continued to play in the league till today.

Who is the most popular bearded basketball player?

James Harden is widely considered the most popular bearded basketball player in the NBA. The star started keeping his bearded several years ago when he became fed-up with shaving.

How long has James Harden been growing out his beard?

James Harden has been growing out his beard since his college days at Arizona State.


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