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Bleacher Report’s NBA Draft Assets Rankings Highlight Raptors’ Critical Situation

Raptors draft picks

In recent off-seasons, the Toronto Raptors have shown their commitment by keeping their best players and even making a trade that brought them Jakob Poeltl, though it meant giving up a slightly protected first-round pick.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the San Antonio Spurs will have Toronto’s first-round pick this year unless it lands in the top six.

Raptors draft picks
2023 Raptors’ draft pick, Gradey Dick

Additionally, the Raptors have chosen not to acquire additional assets for some of their upcoming free agents, which sets them apart from other teams on the playoff fringe who are better positioned to either build through the draft or use picks to acquire star players.

According to Bleacher Report’s assessment,Toronto ranks 18th in the league in terms of their future draft assets.

While this might not sound overly concerning, it takes on a more somber tone when compared to the draft potential of other teams in the same league tier as Toronto.

Among the 12 teams placed lower in the ranking, only the Hawks would be unexpected to not make the playoffs.

Teams from major markets like the Lakers, Clippers, and Heat, as well as small-market teams with star players like the Nuggets and Bucks, all find themselves positioned beneath Toronto.

Teams such as the Kings, Celtics, and Grizzlies, which are considered contenders, possess a greater number of valuable picks compared to the Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors need extra draft picks.

The absence of draft picks is the reason why the fanbase strongly criticized Toronto’s lack of action in trade talks. It’s widely recognized that the current roster won’t contend for a championship, and acquiring extra draft picks isn’t a simple task.

Toronto had the opportunity to trade OG Anunoby during the trade deadline, especially since his impending free agency might lead to diminished value in a trade this season.

Trading Anunoby or Pascal Siakam would likely only happen if they receive multiple first-round picks in return. It’s crucial for the Raptors to prioritize obtaining these draft picks.

Given that Toronto isn’t typically a top destination for free agents, these picks can serve as a means to quickly replenish the team and infuse promising young talent around their anticipated long-term contracts.

The Raptors are precariously close to a potential disaster season, as they won’t be competitive enough to contend and simultaneously lack the first-round picks to benefit from performing poorly. While it may not reach the severity of the late 2010s Nets, there’s certainly cause for concern in Toronto.

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