Braves Eye Trade For Rays’ Zach Eflin

The Atlanta Braves are considering Tampa Bay Rays’ Zach Eflin as a potential addition to their rotation before the deadline, according to reports from USA Today’s Bob Nightengale. This move comes after Spencer Strider’s season-ending surgery, leaving a gap in their pitching lineup.

Eflin’s performance this season has been a mix of positives and negatives. While he’s maintained a solid 4.12 ERA and impressive control with a low walk rate, his high hard-hit ball rate and low strikeout rate raise some concerns. Despite these numbers, the Braves are familiar with Eflin from his time with the Phillies and may not be deterred by his 2024 stats.

However, durability could be a potential issue, given Eflin’s history of knee problems. Nevertheless, he logged a substantial number of innings last season, which could mitigate concerns about his health.

For the Tampa Bay Rays, who currently have Eflin in their rotation, keeping him could be beneficial as they push for a postseason spot. However, if they decide to trade him, it could alleviate some financial pressure, as Eflin is in the second year of a lucrative contract.

The acquisition of Eflin could have significant payroll implications for the Braves, as they are already nearing the luxury tax threshold. Creative trade scenarios involving salary adjustments may be necessary to facilitate the deal while staying under the tax limit.

Despite the Braves’ solid rotation, adding a proven pitcher like Eflin could provide stability and depth, especially for a team with championship aspirations.

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