Brooklyn Nets and Pfizer award scholarships to 25 teenager

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets in collaboration with Pfizer, has given scholarships to 25 children. The scholarships were awarded to the teens to enable them too attend the Brooklyn Nets Basketball Academy (BNBA) summer camp next month.

Net’s Albert King and a representative of Pfizer, Stephen Fascianella announced the scholarships during a basketball clinic organised for the teens at the Barclays Center.

The recipients who are all aged between 10-17, were selected through their involvement in four Brooklyn-based community groups including Peace Players, P.E.A.R.L. 31 Inc. Foundation, 5 Boros Basketball and FunSport.

The week-long summer camp will be at Camp IHC and will help children focus on developing basketball and life skills.

Meanwhile, Pfizer and the Nets are yet to make any official statement regarding the scholarship.

Source: NBA Republic

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