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Bucks’ Departure Remarks Should Put Giannis Antetokounmpo on Raptors’ Radar

The shift in perspective over just a few months is truly remarkable. Merely 9 months following his statement to former Toronto Raptors player Serge Ibaka that he had a definitive zero percent intention of playing for the only Canadian team in the league, Milwaukee Bucks standout Giannis Antetokounmpo seems to be reconsidering his stance.

Antetokounmpo caused a significant uproar by indicating that his potential re-signing with the Bucks once his existing contract concludes wasn’t guaranteed.

He expressed the need for indisputable evidence of the Bucks’ dedication to winning a championship before making a decision.

As the Bucks face a shortage of draft picks and grapple with challenges in attracting free agents, the possibility of Giannis’ departure looms if sustained success doesn’t materialize.

Across the league, teams would eagerly reshape their lineups for the opportunity to acquire a future Hall of Famer of Giannis’ caliber.

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Given their previous connections with Antetokounmpo, the necessity to add one more superstar player to elevate them from mediocrity, and a history of their front office making significant moves to acquire star players, the Raptors should maintain their connections as they delve into the potential Giannis market.

Is it possible for the Toronto Raptors to secure Giannis Antetokounmpo?

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Ujiri share a connection that extends beyond basketball, with Ujiri aiding Antetokounmpo’s family in obtaining Greek documentation after leaving Nigeria and even attempting to trade up for him during the 2013 NBA Draft, which Milwaukee eventually did.

Giannis holds a $51 million player option, which he’s highly likely to decline after the 2024-25 season. Despite being eligible for a $173 million extension over three years, he may be hesitant to commit without a solid supporting cast.

The Raptors potentially have room to accommodate someone like Giannis, at least theoretically. They have notable players becoming free agents in the upcoming years, which could create cap space, and their leadership is committed to constructing a winning team rather than undergoing a complete rebuild.

The Toronto Raptors face significant challenges in constructing a roster that can rival Milwaukee’s offerings.

However, if talents like Scottie Barnes can develop into stars, there’s a possibility that Antetokounmpo could reconsider his assurance to Ibaka and consider joining the Raptors.

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