Can You Profit From x/ Twitter? Exploring X’s Ad Revenue Breakdowns and Your Earning Potential Through Your Posts.

Are you inclined to make some money on X/ Twitter? Here’s an overview of X’s Ad Revenue Breakdowns and the potential for generating revenue through your posts.

In early June, Elon Musk announced that Twitter/X would begin compensating content creators for ads shown in their replies, initiating a $5 million initial payment pool. Since then, around 5-10% of Twitter Blue subscribers have received a portion of this revenue.

The recent distribution of funds to content creators in August prompted many users to subscribe to Twitter Blue, hoping to earn money from the platform. However, the key question remains: is it probable for you to make money from X’s/Twitter’s ad revenue? Today, we’ll delve into X’s ads revenue and more.

– X offers compensation of $0.0000085 for each impression.

– Accumulating 15 million impressions over three months amounts to $127.5.

– If impressions exceed 40 million, the earnings climb to $340.

– To reach $1,000, you would need a substantial 120 million monthly impressions.

– If your impressions remain below 10 million, generating significant income becomes unlikely.

What’s changed in Twitter’s monetization requirements?

Originally, accounts needed a minimum of 5 million impressions on tweets in the past three months, had to be subscribed to Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations, and had to pass a human review for creator monetization standards to qualify for the Twitter ad revenue sharing program.

However, with the recent update, the impression threshold has been raised to 15 million. This change makes it even more challenging for smaller accounts to earn more from the social media platform. While recognizing the business aspect, what’s your perspective on this adjustment?

Is Elon Musk the most brilliant businessperson alive?

Indeed, Elon Musk’s approach is astute, as he’s devised a method to recoup investments by recognizing that only a small fraction, about 5%, of the monthly 400 million+ users will receive payment.

Consequently, he generates substantial profits through the Blue subscription model and retains a significant portion of the ad revenue.

When comparing X/Twitter ads revenue to established advertising platforms, it becomes evident that Google AdSense for websites pays $0.25-$2.5 for 1000 impressions, whereas X pays significantly less than a cent for the same number of impressions. It’s a clear indicator of where one should focus their efforts.

Anyway, creating high-quality content and achieving the necessary impressions can still result in decent earnings on X/Twitter. Each ad revenue platform comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Google AdSense, for instance, has its own set of policies and can be challenging to get approved for.

On the other hand, Twitter’s requirements are relatively more accessible, as you need 500 followers, clear verification checks, and a threshold of 15 million impressions in the past 90 days to qualify for their program. It’s a reminder that different platforms offer varying opportunities and entry barriers for content creators.

Finally, you can make some decent money on Twitter, just produce good content and replies on high profile or perhaps quality tweets. Go for it.



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