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Concerns Arise as Video Shows Wembanyama Struggling with Jump Shot – Did the Spurs get the wrong guy?

The NBA draft is a pivotal moment for basketball franchises, as they eagerly select young talents who they hope will shape their team’s future. However, the stakes are even higher when it comes to the number one overall pick. Such was the case when the San Antonio Spurs made their selection, choosing Victor Wembanyama, a promising international prospect. Nevertheless, a recent video on social media showing Wembanyama struggling with his jump shot during a shootaround has sparked intense debate among NBA fans.

Twitter, the breeding ground for sports debates, exploded with opinions as the video of Victor Wembanyama’s shooting struggles went viral. The basketball community divided into two camps: those questioning the Spurs’ decision-making and those advocating patience and understanding for a young player’s development.

It’s essential to acknowledge that evaluating a player based solely on one video clip is hardly a fair or comprehensive assessment. The NBA draft is a complex process involving extensive scouting, interviews, and evaluations of players’ skills, potential, and fit within a team’s system. Therefore, it would be premature to draw definitive conclusions about Wembanyama’s ability to contribute to the Spurs or any concerns about the team’s selection.

Embracing the Long-Term Perspective:

Every NBA player, regardless of their talent and potential, faces hurdles and challenges along their journey. Wembanyama, a 7’3″ phenom known for his defensive prowess and versatility, is just beginning his transition to the professional level. It is not uncommon for players to experience difficulties early on, especially as they adjust to the physicality, speed, and intensity of the NBA game. The Spurs, renowned for their player development program, likely recognize this and have a long-term plan to nurture Wembanyama’s skills.


Patience is a virtue in the world of sports, particularly when it comes to young prospects. Players often require time to refine their skills, gain experience, and acclimate to the demands of the NBA. While the video of Wembanyama struggling with his jump shot is disconcerting, it should not overshadow the broader picture. Developing a consistent jump shot is an area of improvement for many young players, and it is not uncommon for them to make significant strides in this aspect over time.

The Spurs’ Track Record:

The San Antonio Spurs organization has a history of success in player development, evident in the growth of numerous players throughout their careers. The likes of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Kawhi Leonard all flourished under the guidance of the Spurs’ coaching staff. This track record instills confidence that the organization has the necessary expertise and infrastructure to help Wembanyama overcome any early challenges he may face.

While the video of Victor Wembanyama struggling with his jump shot during a shootaround has raised eyebrows among NBA fans, it is crucial to remember that it is only a snapshot of his development. Drawing definitive conclusions or passing judgment based on a single clip would be premature and unfair. The Spurs’ decision to select Wembanyama as the number one overall pick was a calculated one, considering his potential and the team’s renowned player development program. It is too early to determine if the Spurs got the wrong guy or if Wembanyama will flourish in their system, but with patience and guidance, he has every opportunity to fulfill his potential and prove his worth in the NBA.

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