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Damian Lillard’s trade happening within the next 24 hours: “His departure is imminent.” – NBA analyst

A few weeks ago, NBA insider Marc Spears predicted the potential trade of Damian Lillard to the Miami Heat just before the commencement of training camp.

With a mere two weeks left until training camp begins, the Damian Lillard sweepstakes are becoming the talk of the league.

While there are a handful of individuals who remain uncertain about the trade’s feasibility, NBA analyst John Gambadoro maintains an optimistic outlook, firmly believing that it will come to pass.

The entire league is on edge, awaiting Lillard’s departure from Portland. He publicly expressed his desire for a change of scenery at the onset of the offseason, singling out the Miami Heat as his preferred destination.

However, the Heat find themselves wanting in trade assets, leaving the Portland Trail Blazers discontented.

Nevertheless, Gambadoro holds a hopeful outlook, believing that the seven-time All-Star might find himself swapped in the near future. He suggests that the transaction could transpire in the upcoming 24 hours.

It’s worth noting that Gambadoro didn’t disclose the origins of his information. Beyond the Miami team, other franchises have allegedly expressed interest in acquiring the player.

Also, there have been indications that the Blazers haven’t been particularly pleased with the nature of the offers they’ve been presented with recently.

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