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Deandre Ayton Is Reportedly Distressed Over Katt Leya’s Pregnancy, Denies Being the Father

Deandre Ayton appears to be in a situation reminiscent of Zion Williamson’s experience with Moriah Mills. The key distinction is that, as of now, Ayton’s reputation hasn’t suffered any damage.

Recently, the Phoenix Suns’ center, Deandre Ayton, was spotted on adult star girlfriend Katt Leya’s Instagram story as he helped her with her hair.

This raised eyebrows among fans, with some drawing parallels to Zion Williamson’s previous situation. However, it’s worth noting that Ayton’s name hasn’t been tarnished as of yet.

Leya responded to the buzz surrounding the video that circulated a week ago with a message on her Instagram Story, which stated:

“Wow now my man can’t brush my hair! You guys are stressed out, let me live.”

The video spread across the internet, and Ayton faced criticism from various social media users for being extremely wealthy and getting involved with an adult film star.

Their relationship seems to have become more complex. Recent reports suggest that Katt Leya is expecting a child, causing significant distress to Ayton, who vehemently denies being the child’s father.

This news about the pregnancy was initially disclosed by Wags Unfiltered on Instagram (account is private now).

As per the reports, Katt Leya is pregnant, which has left Mr. Ayton greatly distressed, as he firmly rejects any claims of being the child’s father.

The source also indicates that Katt became pregnant during their vacation, and it appears that their intimate encounter occurred while Ayton was inebriated or under the influence of substances.

Deandre Ayton Is Reportedly Distressed Over Katt Leya’s Pregnancy, Denies Being the Father

The source went on to explain:

“He didn’t want those photos and videos to be made public. Katt shared them because Anissa and her family have come back to his residence. Anissa and Deandre have not actually broken up; she and her sisters are presently residing in the same house. Katt was upset because she believed DeAndre might end his relationship with Anissa. The full story will become known in due course…”

Anissa appears to lack self-respect, as she tolerates ongoing disrespect from him. He’s made it clear that he won’t end his dating life just because she lives in his house; he intends to live his life as a single person. Anissa seems to be trying to force their relationship.

Leya dismissed any comparisons to Zion Williamson, who was involved in a situation with former adult film actress Moriah Mills in July.

She shared a photo of herself with Ayton at a dinner table in Portland, dated December 29, 2019, and emphasized that it’s from 2019, urging people to stop making comparisons to Zion.

Deandre Ayton Is Reportedly Distressed Over Katt Leya’s Pregnancy, Denies Being the Father
Katt Leya

Deandre Ayton, the five-year NBA veteran and 2018 No. 1 overall draft pick, has a two-year-old son, Deandre Ayton Jr., from a previous relationship.

Ayton has not officially acknowledged a romantic relationship with Leya, and it’s unlikely that he ever will.

However, if he is indeed the father, he will have responsibilities towards the child, whether he likes it or not.

Regarding Zion Williamson, he faced a challenging situation when Moriah Mills threatened to release what she claimed were explicit videos involving the NBA star and shared screenshots of a Snapchat exchange with him.

This continued for weeks, with Williamson’s apparent girlfriend, Ahkeema, announcing they were expecting a baby girl together.

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