Did 76ers’ Kelly Oubre Fabricate the Story of Being Struck by a Car? Police Reports Raise Questions

Philadelphia 76ers forward Kelly Oubre allegedly experienced a hit-and-run incident resulting in a broken rib on Saturday, but emerging reports cast doubt on the veracity of his claim.

According to the Philly Enquirer, the Philadelphia police, as of Wednesday, found no evidence of a collision or hit and run at the Center City intersection Oubre mentioned.

“The Police Department currently does not have any video or photographic evidence that depicts this collision,” Sgt. Eric Gripp, a department spokesperson, said Wednesday. “We continue to work in hopes of gathering evidence and we encourage anyone who has information to reach out to our crash investigation unit.”

The Philly Enquirer report adds that two employees from nearby businesses, after reviewing approximately two hours of surveillance footage from that evening, did not observe any signs of the reported crash.

Despite the controversy, Kelly Oubre is actively participating in the Sixers’ training, working towards returning to the court. His evaluation is scheduled for the upcoming week, and we will keep you informed of the latest developments.

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