Dillon Brooks Claims Memphis Grizzlies Made Him the ‘Scapegoat

Dillon Brooks or call him the Villain, after spending the initial six seasons of his NBA career with the Memphis Grizzlies, transitioned to the Houston Rockets this offseason.

Despite the move, Brooks remains discontent with the way his tenure with the Grizzlies concluded.

“What I didn’t like about Memphis was they allowed that so they can get out of the woodwork, and then I’m the scapegoat of it all,” he told Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated. “That’s what I didn’t appreciate. And then ultimately they’ll come to me on the low, as men, one on one and tell me something, but then not defend me when everything went down.”

Known for his consistent offensive contributions and defensive aggressiveness during his time with the Grizzlies, Brooks gained broader recognition, especially during the team’s playoff loss to the Los Angeles Lakers last season.

A defining moment occurred when Brooks fearlessly challenged LeBron James, dubbing the superstar as “old.”

Following this, Brooks made the switch to the Rockets, signaling a new chapter for both him and the Grizzlies.

Memphis has shifted away from the trash-talking style prevalent during Brooks’ stint, with coach Taylor Jenkins emphasizing a shift toward actions over words in the aftermath of the playoff series loss to the Lakers.

Conversely, Brooks has carried his confidence and swagger to Houston, a quality embraced by Rockets coach Ime Udoka.

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