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Dr. J Excluded LeBron James and Stephen Curry from His Top 10 NBA Players of All Time List.

Even though Dr Julius Erving acknowledged LeBron James and Stephen Curry as two of this generation’s greatest players, he refrained from declaring them as the absolute best as he lists his top 10 NBA players of all time.

In a recent interview, he surprised many by omitting both legends from his list of the top 10 basketball players ever.

Instead, his list comprised familiar names like Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, and others.

In addition to the more conventional choices like Elgin Baylor, Karl Malone, and Tiny Archibald, Julius Erving also made some eccentric picks for his list, leaving out LeBron James and Stephen Curry.


When asked about his exclusion of the current superstars, Erving offered a straightforward reason. Since James and Curry have not completed their careers yet, their basketball journeys are still unfolding, and Erving prefers to assess players’ entire bodies of work before making definitive judgments.  As a result, his list only includes players who have long retired from the game.

It can be a challenging argument to support Erving’s decision, particularly when considering LeBron James’ two-decade-long NBA dominance, becoming the All-Time leading scorer by surpassing Abdul-Jabbar’s record.

Similarly, Stephen Curry’s credentials are nearly as impressive as James’, as he is renowned as the greatest shooter in basketball history, revolutionizing the game with his style, and earning four championships and Finals MVP honors with the Golden State Warriors.

However, opinions differ, and Erving has his perspective, respecting that everyone has their own views on the matter.

Erving, famously known as “Dr. J” for his awe-inspiring dunks and plays throughout his NBA career, has once again displayed his ability to humble even the sport’s finest players.

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