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ESPN Panel Predicts There’s a Possibility That The Sixers Could Acquire Damian Lillard.

According to an ESPN panel, there’s a chance the Philadelphia sixers could acquire Damian Lillard with the aim of contending for the NBA championship next season.

Not only James Harden, but another NBA superstar, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, has expressed a desire for a trade this offseason.

Similar to the situation with James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers, the Blazers have yet to find a trade partner willing to meet their asking price.

As a result, Damian Lillard is still a member of the Blazers as the training camp approaches.

Back in July, when Lillard first made it known he wanted to be traded, the Philadelphia 76ers were one of the immediate teams interested in acquiring the All-Star guard.

However, the Miami Heat were clearly the frontrunners to secure his services, and that remains the case presently.

In a recent ESPN panel discussion, a majority of the experts couldn’t confidently predict that Damian Lillard would be with the Miami Heat when the new basketball season begins, as they discussed his situation.

According to the discussion, the panel emphasized that even though Damian Lillard has established a Hall of Fame career in Portland, he requested a trade at the start of free agency with a clear desire to team up with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo in Miami.

However, there’s a significant obstacle: The Blazers currently appear uninterested in the trade offers presented by the Heat.

This is why the panel’s consensus is that Lillard is expected to remain in Portland as the new season begins.

“After carving out a Hall of Fame career in Portland, Lillard requested a trade just one day into free agency, stating his preference to be sent to Miami to team up with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. … One problem: The Blazers, as of now, reportedly aren’t interested in what the Heat have to offer, which is why our panel thinks Lillard will begin the season back in Portland.”

According to ESPN’s poll results, 52 percent of the votes leaned towards Damian Lillard beginning the upcoming season with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Although the majority of the votes pointed towards the Blazers, the panel remains optimistic about the Miami Heat’s prospects, with 44 percent of the votes suggesting that a trade could still happen there.

In contrast, the Philadelphia 76ers were given a very slim chance, at just four percent, of emerging as unexpected contenders to acquire Lillard, especially as they are dealing with their own internal team issues.

Despite the NBA’s efforts to prevent Damian Lillard from heading to Miami, it’s clear that the 33-year-old has his sights set on South Beach.

As a result, the Philadelphia 76ers have become hesitant to engage in trade discussions with the Portland Trail Blazers this summer.

Currently, Philadelphia is focusing on entering training camp with their existing roster, even though James Harden isn’t thrilled with his situation there.

However, if Portland were to express interest in Harden as a short-term rental for the 2023-2024 season, then the 76ers might consider it.

Still, given their status as a team in a potential rebuilding phase, acquiring the 34-year-old playmaker doesn’t align with their objectives.

When it comes to Daryl Morey and the 76ers, they’re known for pursuing NBA’s top stars who request trades.

Unfortunately, for those hoping to see Lillard in a Philadelphia uniform, the chances of that happening appear slim.

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