FIFA 23 Web App users encounter problems using the app

fifa 23 web app error

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, EA Sports released its much-anticipated web app on various download platforms. The release was so much celebrated by those who will be using it.

The newly released FIFA 23 web app makes it possible for eligible players to have an early access to the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) 23.

With this application, players can take full control of their Ultimate Teams, either manage their squads, or set tactics. All these they would be able to do using their phones or personal computers.

The FIFA 23 companion app, which enables players to manage their FUT 23 club on mobile, also launches today, Sept. 22, for both iOS and Android devices.

However, as gamers begin to download and use the app, a problem was detected. Some of them who logged in and used the app, could not log in again after logging out.

Instead, they were greeted with a message which reads: “It looks like your EA account doesn’t have a FUT 23 Club. Before we keep going, make sure you’re logged with with the right account. In order to use the FIFA Companion App or Web App, you will need to create a FUT 23 Club on your Console or PC.”

Those that experienced the problem have been sharing their frustrations on twitter, tagging the EA Sports official twitter handle in order to draw their attention to the problem.

“What outstanding start to FIFA 23 it has been from EA…Web App down every 1 hour…,” tweeted a frustrated user.

Another gamer who also experienced problem, tweeted: “I’ve been on the fifa 23 web app all day, now that I’ve refreshed it is telling me that my EA account doesn’t have a FUT 23 club…”

Meanwhile, EA Sports has acknowledged the problem. In a tweet, the company said they were aware of the problem and investigating its cause.

“We’re aware of an issue preventing some players connecting to the Web App, and we’re investigating,” the company tweeted.

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