Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Easily Obtain Residency at Pentagon Hostel

Securing a room at Pent
Pent hostel, UG.

So today, we will walk you through the process of getting residency at Pentagon hostel. If you follow these 3 simple steps correctly, then your chances of securing accommodation prior to next academic year will increase.

The content in this article is mainly directed towards level 100 (in traditional and UGEL hostels) students who are progressing to level 200 next academic year. Their accommodation for the following year is uncertain due to the University of Ghana’s new in-out-out-in residency policy.

Currently, no level 100 student will be allowed to remain in the traditional or UGEL halls during their level 200 stay on campus.

Consequently, students falling under this category are advised to take advantage of this opportunity and make room reservations at Pentagon hostel or any private hostel around to curtail the stress of accommodation in dire moments.

Furthermore, if you’re a student in levels 200 to 400 and aspire to become a part of the Pentagon community, you can make the most of this chance. Let’s now proceed with the outlined steps.

Create a GHL account :

Make sure you create a new pentagon account if you’re a new member. This is important because without a membership account, you would not be able to move to the next step, hence eliminating your chances of becoming a member of the Pentagon hostel. Make sure you upload every document demanded of you. Register here GHL REGISTRATION 

Validate your account :

This step is very important, you would have to validate your account to become eligible to reserve a room. The validation is more like an entry pass, it allows only authentic students to be allowed bookings, deterring fraudsters from taking part in the reservation process.

To validate your account, make sure you proceed to the pent administration and tell them you are there to validate your account, it’ll be done for you within some few minutes but then you would have to complete step 1 before embarking on this journey.

If you’re outside Accra or not so close to the Pentagon hostel, you can call the administration through their hotlines on the registration portal (You can refer to step one for it ) for the process to be completed on your behalf.

Wait on the booking date and reserve a room :

Once your account verification or validation is complete, you’re nearly 90% done. The next step is to wait for the room reservation portal to go live. It’s essential to have a stable internet connection to secure your preferred room successfully.

Before the portal becomes accessible, both the Pentagon hostel JCR and the administration will issue a communique indicating the specific time and date. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and be smart about this.

Following your reservation, it’s crucial to make the payment within 24 hours to prevent any risk of room forfeiture. The associated room fees are detailed below, so take your time to review and plan your budget accordingly.

Pent hostel fees for the 2023/24 academic year

The booking link is anticipated to be available in September, so make sure you’re prepared.

Additionally, the process is similar for most private hostels (Evandy, TF and Bani) on campus, except for the variation that some don’t require your account validation before moving forward with room reservations.

NOTE: Under no circumstances should you make any payments to any individual for this process. Engaging in such payments could result in negative consequences for you.

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