From Novice to Pro: A European Basketball Player’s Guide to Making a Career in Basketball

Basketball is a popular sport all around the world, and many Europeans have made a career out of it, including Dennis Schröder of Germany, Giannis Antetokounmpo of Greece, and Danilo Gallinari of Italy. If the aforementioned stars are an inspiration to you and becoming a professional basketball player is your desire, here are some steps you may take to achieve your dream as an European novice basketball player.


Develop Your Skills

The first step towards a basketball career is to develop your talents. Living in Europe comes with so many privileges for rookie basketball players and to develop your game as a novice, you can start by practising in your backyard on a regular basis, joining a local team, or attending basketball camps to develop your game. Focus on fundamentals like shooting, dribbling, and passing while also working on your physical fitness.


Get Noticed

After developing your skills, you will want to get the attention of coaches and scouts. Participate in as many games and tournaments as can, whether exhibition or not, and make a highlight reel of your best plays to show off your skills. Share your highlight reel on social media and submit it to coaches and scouts to boost your chances of being noticed.


Consider High School Basketball

Consider playing basketball in high school or at the level of education you are currently at if you are still a student. Numerous basketball players from Europe have played collegiate basketball in the US before moving on to pursue pro careers. You may get the chance to meet coaches and scouts and receive important training and experience by participating in college or high school basketball.


Join a Pro Team

If you’re ready to start a professional career, seek for chances in Europe first. To boost your chances of being recognized, attend tryouts, email your highlight reel to teams, and network with other players and coaches. Making it onto a professional squad might be difficult, so be prepared to work hard and be persistent.


Continuously Improve

Even if you’ve made it onto a team, you should keep honing your talents. Attend training sessions, engage with coaches, and examine game tape to discover areas for improvement. The finest players never stop learning and growing, so make sure you’re continually working to better your game.


Be Persistent

Making a career in basketball requires patience and perseverance. Don’t give up if you don’t get a team immediately away or if you have difficulties along the route. Continue to work hard and pursue those goals, and you may one day fulfil your dream of being a professional basketball player.



Finally, making a career in basketball as a European involves effort, hard work, and perseverance. You can boost your chances of becoming a professional basketball player by honing your skills, getting noticed, considering college basketball, joining a professional team, always improving, and being persistent.

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