Giannis Antetokounmpo Voices Concerns Over Bucks’ Defense Despite Recent Wins

Despite winning their last two games, Giannis Antetokounmpo is concerned about the Milwaukee Bucks’ defensive performance.

They allowed a high 125 points against the Brooklyn team on Monday, prompting Giannis to express his hope for defensive improvement to Jim Owczarski of JS online.

He pointed out issues with defensive gaps, opponents having an easy time going one-on-one, and the need for better help defense.

“I hope we can be better defensively,” Antetokounmpo said…”I feel like our gaps wasn’t tight. Guys felt comfortable going one-on-one and getting to the rim, drawing fouls. Our help defense has gotta be better. Offensively I think the second unit did a great job just moving the ball, playing fast, getting open looks. And down the stretch I feel like Dame, me and Khris (Middleton) and our shooters were ready to play, ready to close out the game. So, there was a lot of good things that we did, there was a lot of things that we gotta get better on.”

The Milwaukee Bucks have been missing one of their defensive pillars, Jrue Holiday, due to a trade that brought Damian Lillard to the team.

While Lillard hasn’t made a significant defensive impact yet, there is optimism that he will adapt to the Bucks’ chemistry as the season progresses.

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