How long was Anne Heche in the car after it had crashed?

How long was Anne Heche in the car

Multiple award-winning actress, Anne Heche has been declared dead. This comes exactly a week after she was involved in a horrific car crash in Los Angeles.

The actress went into coma having sustained several severe injuries, including anoxic brain injury, after the accident. However, as the actress is now declared dead; people are eager to know how long was Anne Heche in the car after it had crashed and subsequently engulfed in flame.

Fans believe if the actress had been helped out of the car quickly; she would have survived the accident. This therefore, leads them into demanding to know from authorities how many minutes or hours the actress was in the crashed and burning vehicle.

In this article, we will tell you just that.

How long was Anne Heche in the car?

According to multiple sources, the actress was not immediately rescued after she crashed her car into the apartment.

After the crash, a fire was ignited. And according to our sources, it took more than 50 firefighters to bring the fire under control after 62 minutes (1 hour and 2 minutes). After the fire was finally brought under control; the actress was then pulled out from the rubble.

So, NBA Republic can authoritatively say that Anne Heche was in the crashed car for more than one hour.

Source: NBA Republic 

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