How to watch Drew League games

How to watch Drew League games

The much anticipated Drew League Games have started on Saturday, July 23, 2022 with so much excitement. The Black Pearl Elites and the CitiTeam Blazers played the first game of the Drew League.

Atlanta Hawk’s Tray Young and John Collins were the stars of Saturday’s game, as they featured for Black Pearl Elite. Many fans however, could not watch the first game of the league. This is because most of them do not know how to watch Drew League games.

Normally, the games are hardly streamed by major television stations. Some search online or on social media platforms to find the games to watch, but all to no avail. This makes it hard for most fans of the league to watch their stars play.

However, the narrative is not the same this time.

Few days ago, the NBA announced that it has partnered with the Drew League for the screaming of some of their games. This announcement resonated well with fans as they will now be able to watch the games.

Therefore, in this article, NBA Republic will highlight or talk about how one can find the games to watch.

How to watch Drew League games

This year’s Drew League games will all be played at the King Drew Magnet High School. The school is located at Willowbrook, Los Angeles. So, those that want to watch the games in person, can grab their tickets and go to the venue.

Also, some of the the games, for the first time in decades, will be streamed on NBA platforms and apps. This is due to the partnership NBA and Drew League entered few days ago.

The games will be streamed globally on both android and iPhone apps of NBA, and also on their website, According to NBA, not all games will be streamed. However, the ones to be streamed will have their links shared across their social media handles.

It has also been reported that the games will also be streaming on Caffeine TV app.

Source: NBA Republic

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