Anger as President Biden’s son, Hunter, joins Air Force One

hunter biden fly in Air Force One

Air Force One, the presidential plane for the President of the United States, is in the news again. This time around, it’s about a passenger who flew on the plane for a vacation.

President Joe Biden’s controversial son, Hunter Biden, together with the president’s family, flew on the Air Force One to South Carolina for a week-long vacation. The first family departed from Washington on Wednesday, August 10.

However, a section of Americans became angry after videos of the family’s departure on Air Force One hit the media.

One may ask; why the anger?

The presence of Hunter Biden on the presidential plane is the igniter of the answer. Many believe, Hunter doesn’t qualify to ride in the plane because of the many controversies and legal issues his name is soiled with.

Most of them couldn’t fathom why the FBI conducted searches at former President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate days ago, while Hunter continues to walk a free man.

Tom Fitton who is the president of the American conservative activist organization, Judicial Watch, has also condemned the use of the Air Force One by Hunter.

“In a brazen display of contempt for rule of law, President Biden and son Hunter board Air Force One together the day after Biden’s FBI engaged in a political raid of the home of President Trump,” Fitton wrote in a tweet sighted by NBA Republic.

Popular comedians and conservative politicians, The Hodge Twins, have also reacted. In a tweet, they wrote: “… and a day later Hunter jumps on Air Force One with dad after it’s proven that he’s committed multiple felonies…”

Since the news, accompanied by videos came, displeased Americans have been registering their displeasure on Twitter.

Below are some reactions from twitter:

You can use the link to follow the trend on twitter, and be updated with people’s reaction to the use of Air Force One by Hunter Biden.

Source: NBA Republic

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