James Harden Scores 45 Points to Lead 76ers to Game 1 Victory Against Celtics

The Philadelphia 76ers got off to a fast start against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference playoffs, owing in large part to a dominant effort by James Harden. The superstar guard scored 45 points, had six assists, and two steals while making seven of fourteen three-point attempts and shooting 17 of 30 from the field. The Sixers won Game 1 116-119 thanks to James’ outstanding individual performance.


Harden on Expectations

After the game, Harden addressed the expectations that come with being a high-scoring player in the NBA.

He said “Throughout the entire year, people expect me to be the scoring James Harden and the James Harden that goes out there and gets 40, 50 points. And people talk: ‘Oh, you can’t win like that. Then I’ll go out there and get 20 points and 11 assists. And it’s like, ‘Well, he’s not the old James Harden no more'” as reported by Tim Bomtempts of ESPN.


Harden’s Performance: A Complete Effort

Harden’s capacity to have a significant, multifaceted impact on the game was perfectly demonstrated in last night’s matchup.  He undoubtedly scored a lot of points, but he also made a difference defensively and provided 6 assists. The 76ers overcame the tenacious Celtics team thanks to a comprehensive effort.

In regards to Game 2, Harden had a clear directive for his teammates: “We’re coming in here to get Game 2.” The Sixers now have a chance to control the contest with a victory in the upcoming game because the series is currently in their favour.


Advantage for the Sixers & Record of the Night.

The 76ers now lead the series thanks to Harden’s outstanding performance in Game 1. They’ll want to continue their winning streak from Game 2 and seize the initiative in the contest.

In a playoff game, Jaden became the fifth player overall in 76ers history to score 45 points or more. With this accomplishment, he joins other 76ers icons including Allen Iverson (7 games), Lee Shaffer, Wilt Chamberlain, Billy Cunningham, and Wilt Chamberlain.

James Harden after hitting 45+ points yesterday.

Finally, one of the NBA’s most dynamic players, James Harden’s performance in Game 1 served as a reminder of exactly how important he can be to his team. He consistently finds ways to help, whether it be by scoring, passing, or playing defence. Also, as 76ers anticipate the rest of the playoffs, that’s a comforting idea for Sixers fans.


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