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James Harden’s Trade Preferences: Clippers Lead, But Other Doors Open

News has emerged that Harden is looking for a change of scenery, with a preference to leave the Philadelphia 76ers due to his strained relationship with team president Daryl Morey.

While many fingers point towards the LA Clippers as his top choice, recent reports reveal that other potential destinations are not off the table.

Harden’s eyes seem to be set on the City of Angels, where the Clippers are located. The idea of teaming up with star forwards Kawhi Leonard and Paul George likely adds to the allure.

However, it’s worth noting that Morey and the Sixers have shown little interest in what the Clippers can offer. Philadelphia’s priority, should they trade Harden, remains on maintaining their competitive edge in the league.

James Harden's Trade Preferences: Clippers Lead, But Other Doors Open
Should Harden rejoin the Rockets ?

While Harden seems to have his sights set on LA, sources suggest he understands the need to keep his options open. Various teams beyond the Clippers have entertained the idea of acquiring the star guard, albeit cautiously.

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Harden’s contract, a one-year deal worth $35.6 million, makes potential suitors wary of committing significant assets without a guarantee that he’ll stay beyond the upcoming season.

Interestingly, it appears that even Harden himself holds reservations about a potential move to the Clippers.

According to a source close to the situation, Bally Sports’ Brandon Robinson reported that Harden is “hesitant” about playing in front of his hometown crowd in Los Angeles.

The added pressure of performing in front of familiar faces could play a role in his decision-making process.

As with any NBA offseason, drama is par for the course. The Harden-Sixers saga might find a resolution that surprises everyone.

Amidst the rumors and speculations, there’s a possibility that Harden and the Sixers could reconcile and choose to work together moving forward. Such an outcome cannot be ruled out, as sources have indicated.

The Clippers or the Sixers?

In the midst of all this uncertainty, the consensus among some is that Harden could thrive regardless of where he ends up.

A member of the Clippers remarked that Harden’s talent transcends location, but also suggested that Philadelphia running it back might make the most logical sense.

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