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Jayson Tatum Opens Up About The Potential Of Leaving Celtics In The Future

Jayson Tatum has made it clear that if the decision were solely up to him, he would never leave the Boston Celtics franchise.

Tatum currently serves as the face of the Celtics, and he sees a genuine opportunity to follow in the footsteps of legendary players like Kobe Bryant, Udonis Haslem and Dirk Nowitzki, who spent their entire illustrious careers with one team.

While Tatum remains cautious about making long-term predictions, acknowledging that certain factors regarding his future are beyond his control, he openly admitted that he cannot envision a scenario in which he departs from Beantown in the foreseeable future.

“You never know what can happen, but I love playing for the Celtics. I figured out my space in the city and have grown to really enjoy it. I love the fans. It would be really hard to leave this place,”

Tatum shared, as reported by Jeff Goodman of The Messenger.

Jayson Tatum also discussed his strong connection to the city of Boston and his deep affection for it. When he was drafted by the Celtics in 2017, he was just a 19-year-old. Now, six years later, at the age of 24, he has not only established his roots in the city but also has a son who is growing up and developing his own love for Boston.

“Just recently I started to feel the connection with Boston. I have spent my adult life here, my son has grown up here, I’ve grown up here. I’ve accomplished so many things. It’s happened so fast, and Boston has played such an intricate part of my life,”

Tatum also emphasized that he genuinely considers himself a part of Boston now. Previously, he saw himself as a St. Louis native residing in Massachusetts, but that perception has shifted.

While the future of Jayson Tatum’s career in Boston remains uncertain, it’s evident that if the decision were solely his, he would remain with the Celtics. This sentiment is undoubtedly something that Boston fans would be pleased to hear.

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