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Kevin Durant Fires Back at Fan: ‘Y’all Insane’ for Claiming EuroLeague is Harder than the NBA

Numerous NBA international superstars have shared their perspective on scoring in the EuroLeague versus the NBA, with many claiming it’s more challenging across the Atlantic. However, one prominent player, Kevin Durant, holds a different view.

In a recent’s interview with EuroLeague veteran Kyle Hines, the seasoned player offered a unique analogy, stating,

“When I was 22, my worldview of basketball was so ‘it’s just the NBA.’ Now, at 37, I’ve had the chance to get a full perspective. I’d say the NBA is checkers, and Europe is chess.”

This statement gained traction on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), where it was reposted by the popular basketball account, Legion Hoops.

A fan chimed in, arguing, NBA easy… EuroLeague hard. Everybody says the same. Joel Embiid can’t average 30 in the EuroLeague.” This remark caught the attention of none other than Kevin Durant.

Durant vehemently disagreed, responding with, “F**k outta here lmao. Y’all are insane.”

The debate continued as the fan argued that NBA teams hardly prioritize defense and that the game is primarily designed for scoring, from his perspective.

Durant then chimed in, expressing his disbelief that anyone would take such a statement seriously.

The debate over scoring difficulty in Europe versus the NBA has been a topic of discussion among basketball enthusiasts in recent years.

Notable superstars like Luka Doncic have also weighed in, asserting that it’s easier to put up big numbers in the NBA.

As the conversation continues, it’s clear that opinions on this matter remain divided, and the debate is far from settled.

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