Kings’ Keegan Murray and Chris Duarte Sidelined vs Pelicans

Keegan Murray, sidelined due to a lower back issue, won’t be making a return to Monday’s game against the Pelicans, and similarly, Chris Duarte, dealing with a left hand injury, has been ruled out for the remaining duration of the match.

Murray didn’t reappear following halftime, and given the team’s 30-point deficit, there’s a notable likelihood that he wouldn’t have seen much playing time in the latter part of the game anyway.

Kessler Edwards assumed his position at the beginning of the third quarter and is expected to start if Keegan remains sidelined for their upcoming game against the Pelicans on Wednesday.

With Kevin Huerter back on the court after recovering from a sprained finger on his left hand, Duarte came off the bench on Monday night.

Unfortunately, his own hand injury limited his playing time to just eight minutes. This circumstance paves the way for Kessler Edwards again, and Colby Jones to take on additional minutes.

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