Knicks are Closely Monitoring Karl-Anthony Towns’ Trade Status

The New York Knicks are closely monitoring the trade situation of Minnesota Timberwolves’ standout, Karl-Anthony Towns, as reported by Stefan Bondy of the New York Post.

This comes as no shock, considering that Bill Simmons predicted just last month that the New York Knicks would acquire a superstar within the coming year.

Bondy suggests that Towns could potentially become a target for the Knicks in a trade.

Towns, who played only 29 games in the previous season due to a calf injury, maintained his streak of scoring over 20 points per game for the seventh consecutive season in 2022-23.

Knicks’ head coach, Tom Thibodeau, lauded Towns, describing him as exceptionally gifted.

The Timberwolves, after winning their first two preseason games against the Dallas Mavericks, are set to face the Knicks in their third warm-up game in New York.

Towns played a crucial role in the Timberwolves’ victories during the preseason.

Thibodeau pointed to Towns’ victory in the three-point contest at the 2022 All-Star weekend and his remarkable performances for the Dominican Republic at the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup as evidence of his exceptional talent.

Thibodeau emphasized that Towns’ offensive abilities are truly exceptional.

Although there’s news of Towns agreeing to a four-year super-max extension starting in 2024-25, indicating his commitment to the Timberwolves, he also spoke about the promising future he envisions with the team.

Towns expressed his belief in achieving something special and happiness after a full 82-game season.

The Timberwolves are aiming for a more successful playoff run after two disappointing first-round exits in previous seasons.

Should they face challenges and consider reshaping their core, the Knicks will be keenly observing Towns’ potential availability, according to Bondy.

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