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LA Clippers have Waived Jason Preston

The Los Angeles Clippers have decided to waive their point guard, Jason Preston, according to reports from Law Murray.

Preston had been signed on a contract worth $1.8 million, with the guarantee date set for today

Just a few days ago, Lawrence Frank, the team’s president of basketball operations, had hinted that the Clippers were deliberating whether to retain Preston as part of their roster for the upcoming training camp.

With the decision to waive Preston, the Clippers now find themselves with a total of 15 guaranteed contracts on their roster.

With Jrue Holiday’s acquisition by the Boston Celtics, it appears that the Los Angeles Clippers may now be considering Malcolm Brogdon (who is likely to be traded again by the Portland Trail Blazers) or James Harden as their remaining options if they intend to bolster their roster with an impactful guard.

Although the Clippers primarily require a power forward, exploring a trade for a high-impact guard could offer them the flexibility to shift Kawhi Leonard up one position to address their power forward deficiency.

As of the current moment, the Clippers have not yet executed a significant trade, and the impending media day is less than 24 hours away.

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