LaMelo Ball injury update: What we know so far

LaMelo Ball injury update

During last night (Monday, Feb. 27, 2023) game with the Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Hornets‘ Point Guard LaMelo Ball sustained a severe injury. The 21-year old player suffered fractured right ankle while in action for his team. LaMelo Ball’s injury, according to experts, is a ‘severe’ one that could take the player off for the rest of the season.

In this article, however, we provided the latest LaMelo Ball injury update that you as a fan needs to know. With updates about the injury Ball suffered, one would know if indeed he would be ruled out for the rest of the season or not.

Ball’s injury came just a day after his teammate, Cody Martin, was ruled out of the game in which Ball sustained his ankle injury. Also, the new injury came a month after he sustained an injury to his left knee and right wrist.

Meanwhile, the Hornets managed to win over the Pistons (117 – 106), with James Wiseman of the Pistons and Mark Williams of the Hornets, recording 23 and 15 points respectively.

Latest LaMelo Ball’s Injury Updates

Currently, Ball is doing well as his team’s medical team takes care of the injury. However, he is ruled out of his teams next game with the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday, March 1.

As at when we have any new reports, we will let you know. So, keep coming.

How long will LaMelo Ball be out?

The injury suffered by Ball could keep him off the court for several months, and that is if he undergoes surgery. According to The Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic, ankle fracture recovery depends on the extent of injury.

But if Ball’s injury requires no surgery to heal, then he would be off the court for 4-8 weeks.

So, those that want to know how long will LaMelo Ball be out of the court, should first consider the extent of injury, and if he would have to undergo surgery or not.

Is LaMelo Ball’s injury serious?

Yes, Ball’s injury is a very serious one. This injury has the potential of keeping him off games for at least 4 weeks. It could the several months for him to heal if surgery s required. Considering this, we can say the injury is a serious one that the Hornets need to be worried about.

How did LaMelo Ball get injured?

The star player was attempting a behind-the-back dribble when he suddenly fell to the ground in pains. Nobody was in contact with him at the time he picked the injury. This is known as non-contact injury in almost all sports.

Immediately he fell to the ground, he passed the ball. He then walked off the court minutes later. After that, an x-ray examination was done on his ankle later by Novant Health personnel.

LaMelo Ball Stats for last game

Before he picked his injury in Monday night’s game against the Pistons, Ball was performing so well. He recorded a total of 18 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

However, had it not been the injury which he sustained in the 3rd quarter, he could have recorded more points, assists and rebounds.

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