LaMelo Ball shoes: What people say about the signature sneakers

puma lamelo ball shoes

Melo Ball is the younger brother of NBA player Lonzo Ball, and has his own line of shoes called “Melo Ball 1” which are produced by the company Big Baller Brand. The shoes were first released in 2017, and have been updated with new versions since then. They are primarily designed for basketball and are available in men’s sizes

LaMelo Ball shoes are the signature sneakers that are produced and owned by the Puma Hoops brand. The hoops sneaker was created following a multi-million dollar agreement signed between Puma and LaMelo Ball in October 2022.

The 21-year old point guard signed the deal exactly a month after he was selected with the third overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets in the 2020 NBA draft. As at the time of writing this article, LaMelo Ball is still playing for the Hornets.

The German company, Puma, has since produced a considerable number of LaMelo Ball shoes. In late August 2022, the latest version of the sneakers, MB.01 Iridescent Dreams, was released and put up for sale on the Puma website for $125.

However, since the sneakers are produced to be sold to the public, people, mostly amateur basketball players, have been buying them for use on the courts. The owners of these sneakers do share their views on various platforms about the footwear. So, in this article, NBA Republic will tell you what some people have been saying about the signature LaMelo Ball shoes.

What is being said about LaMelo Ball shoes

The sneakers, just like any other product, are not made with total perfection. There will definitely be pros and cons to the sneakers that have been or are still being worn by some NBA stars, including LaMelo himself.

Some users of the sneakers will definitely see a problem(s) with the footwear and as a result, they will say ‘unpleasant’ words about the product. Those that have not yet seen any cons to the product will also say nice words about it.

On the Puma web page that displays MB.01 Iridescent Dreams for sale, a dissatisfied customer, Alberta, indicated in the review section that: “The second i put them on, the sole FELL OFF! the other shoe felt too tight and it wasn’t comfortable for me! Plus the box i got was crushed up and the shoe wasn’t as black as I was expecting (sic).” The customer further stated that he would not recommend the MB.01 Iridescent Dreams sneakers to anyone.

One other thing that’s much talked about is the sneaker’s traction. A lot of people who wear the product often complain that the shoe picks up dust too often. This has even been acknowledged by the manufacturer.

A Twitter user, Ben Dover, recently tweeted asking to know if it was his shoe alone that picks up dusk too often or if it’s something general with all LaMelo Ball shoes.

Another Twitter user was of the view that the shoe manufacturer had focused much on the style rather than the functionality of the sneakers. He also talked about the dusk pick up.

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