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Legal Team Seeks Dismissal of Assault Charges Against Kevin Porter Jr. Following New Evidence in Girlfriend’s Neck Injury Case

Recent developments suggests that the legal team representing Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. is calling on the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to drop second-degree assault charges against their client.

This plea comes following an acknowledgment by the DA’s office that Porter did not break his girlfriend’s neck during an alleged altercation.

The incident in question occurred when Porter, a 23-year-old NBA player, was arrested on Monday, accused of relentlessly beating and choking his girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick, inside their room at the upscale Millennium Hilton New York Hotel in midtown Manhattan.

Initially, prosecutors claimed that the alleged assault had resulted in a fractured vertebra for Gondrezick, as outlined in a criminal complaint.

However, documents examined by The Post have revealed that the fracture was, in fact, a pre-existing congenital defect and not caused by the altercation, a fact now acknowledged by the DA’s office, according to Porter’s defense team.

Emily Tuttle, a spokesperson for the DA’s office, has refrained from commenting on the ongoing case, stating,

“We will decline to comment on this open and pending case.”

Porter’s legal team is urging the immediate dismissal of the second-degree felony assault charge, which carries a potential maximum penalty of seven years in prison.

However, even if this charge is dropped, Porter still faces allegations of second-degree strangulation and third-degree assault.

Conviction on the strangulation charge could result in a minimum of two years and a maximum of seven years behind bars.

Robert Hantman, the lawyer representing Kysre Gondrezick, has not provided an immediate response to these recent developments.

He had previously asserted that “misleading and inaccurate” information had been associated with his client, and it’s worth noting that Gondrezick had not made a statement to law enforcement.

In response to these serious allegations, the Houston Rockets is actively exploring options to trade the player.

Additionally, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has characterized the situation as “horrific” but is awaiting the conclusion of the investigation before determining the appropriate actions to take.

It’s essential to acknowledge that Porter has faced legal issues in the past, including accusations of assaulting a woman in Cleveland, although charges were not filed.

He has also been involved in altercations with managers and was found with a loaded gun in his car, though he received a pardon for these incidents.

As this case unfolds, it remains a topic of significant concern within both the NBA landscape and the legal system. 

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  1. This is crazy ,I use to date kevin porter sr in Seattle and had a whole crazy love triangle and his wife found out and we confronted Kevin and doors were kicked in by the wife and she got arrested and I was left with kids Kevin jr included …his father’s life was crazy all the time …I easnone of many woman he had …but me and kp (his name in streets) were really more than lovers we were friends he was my ride or die ..the big homie and it’s sad how his life ended ,I really believe if I stayed around k.p would be alive today .but knowing his son is following down same road of d v is sad and definitely gotta be passed on from his father ..even the grandfather was not easy on mrs porter but they were such nice people as elders ….that’s shown met kp he was getting his kothers medice when I worked at rite aid pharmacy in Renton…there is so much more to Kevin porter sr than what’s being told about him ..he had a gentle side regardless of being the most feared man in skyway Renton seattle area …loved and mostly feared …just wanted to be loved is all

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