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BREAKING: Liz Cambage retires from WNBA

Liz Cambage retires from WNBA

Los Angeles Sparks Center, Liz Cambage, has announced that she will be stepping down from the Women National Basketball Association (WNBA).

The 30-year old British-born Australian made the announcement in an Instagram post few minutes before 12 noon. As Liz Cambage retires from WNBA, it is not yet be known what actually may have led to her decision.

“Playing for the Sparks was a dream come true and I’m honored to have shared the court with such amazing ladies for as long as we did. I’m sorry to have left abruptly and I wish it would have ended on a different note,” Liz Cambage wrote.

Cambage continued; “I’ve decided to step away from the league for the time being and I’m hopeful that the WNBA will do their part in creating safer environments and a stronger support system for their players. While I’ll miss rocking the purple and gold.”

The fantastic player further revealed what she would be doing as she retires from the sport.

According to her, she will use her post basketball period to undergo personal growth and healing. She also indicated that she will address some past rumors in coming days.

“I’ll be taking this time to focus on my healing and personal growth before providing clarification on past rumors,” she said.

It indeed a bad news to hear that Liz Cambage retires from WNBA.

Source: NBA Republic

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