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Luka Doncic signs new Longterm Jordan Brand deal

As Slovenia gears up for the FIBA World Cup’s commencement today, notable guard Luka Doncic from the Dallas Mavericks has signed a lengthy contract extension with Michael Jordan ‘s footwear brand. Insider sources connected to Marc Stein reveal that this agreement will extend Doncic’s prominent role as a key ambassador for the renowned shoe brand until 2029.

Over the last four seasons, the Slovenian player has consistently reached All-Star and All-NBA levels while with the Mavericks. He broke new ground for Jordan Brand in 2019 by becoming their inaugural signature athlete from Europe.

Luka Doncic signs new Longterm Jordan Brand deal

Doncic’s leadership will be showcased as he leads the Slovenian team, which he now captains, in their FIBA World Cup debut against Venezuela on Saturday. Notably, he guides a youthful team that amazed by winning the EuroBasket championship in 2017 and securing fourth place in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

During a recent World Cup preparation match against Greece held in his home country of Slovenia, Luka Dončić introduced his second signature shoe, the Luka 2 Matador edition. This particular design draws inspiration from his early days at Real Madrid, a prominent Spanish team.

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Doncic began his professional journey at the age of 16 with Real Madrid. By 19, he had already earned the distinction of EuroLeague MVP before making his way into the NBA Draft in 2018. An exhibition match is set for October 10th in Spain, pitting the Dallas Mavericks against Real Madrid.

As per LukaDonkicks, an X, formerly twitter, account managed by Blake Bostwick in the Dallas area that meticulously tracks Doncic’s sneaker choices, changes, and corresponding performance statistics, it’s been documented that Doncic showcased 52 distinct variations of the Luka 1s.

The Luka 1 sneakers have gained popularity among several college teams. Last season, nine Division I schools, including both men’s and women’s teams at Howard University, an HBCU in Washington, D.C., showcased their own customized Luka 1s.

During this summer’s World Cup, Paolo Banchero, who had a standout Rookie of the Year season with the Orlando Magic, revealed his unique Luka 1 PE. This design was influenced by Banchero’s time playing at the Seattle Rotary Boys & Girls Club during his younger years.

Luka Doncic signs new Longterm Jordan Brand deal
Doncic’s second signature shoe, the Luka 2, was introduced in a Luk.AI colorway, closely linked to his September 2022 unveiling of an AI virtual rival named Luk.AI. This AI creation not only acts as a digital opponent for Dončić but also offers fans an innovative platform for engaging in distinctive competitive experiences alongside him.

The extended agreement with Jordan Brand, negotiated by Doncic’s agent Bill Duffy and business manager Lara Beth Seager, ensures Doncic’s significant involvement in the design and marketing of his signature product. Additionally, as per Dončić’s wishes, the deal now features a direct association with the Luka Doncic Foundation. This linkage guarantees the broader distribution of Jordan Brand attire to underprivileged children.

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