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Luka Doncic Would Contemplate Departing the Mavericks Should the Team Struggle in the Upcoming Season – Stephen A. Smith

The future of basketball prodigy Luka Doncic with the Dallas Mavericks has become a subject of speculation and debate among fans and analysts. Recently, prominent sports commentator Stephen A. Smith expressed his opinion, suggesting that if the Mavericks struggle this season, Doncic may consider seeking a new basketball home. While these comments sparked discussions and captured the attention of basketball enthusiasts, it’s important to examine the various factors at play and consider the likelihood of such a scenario unfolding.

Luka Doncic Would Contemplate Departing the Mavericks Should the Team Struggle in the Upcoming Season - Stephen A. Smith
Doncic donning Dallas kit

Point Guard, Luka Doncic’s ascent in the NBA has been nothing short of extraordinary. With his exceptional skills, basketball IQ, and composure beyond his years, he has quickly become one of the league’s brightest stars. Doncic’s impact on the court, combined with his marketability and international appeal, makes him a prized asset for the Dallas Mavericks and a player around whom they aim to build a championship-contending team.

The Mavericks’ Success and Expectations:

Stephen A. Smith’s comment about Doncic potentially leaving Dallas stems from the Mavericks’ performance as a team. The expectation for the organization is to consistently compete at the highest level and make deep playoff runs. If the Mavericks fail to meet these expectations and face struggles in the upcoming season, it could raise questions about the team’s ability to surround Doncic with the necessary talent to contend.


As with any superstar player, Doncic’s aspirations and desires will undoubtedly factor into his long-term decision-making. While speculation about him potentially seeking a different situation in the future may exist, it’s important to acknowledge that players’ motivations and priorities can evolve over time. Doncic’s loyalty to the Mavericks organization, his relationship with teammates, coaching staff, and the city of Dallas are all significant factors that can influence his perspective and commitment to the team.

Comparing to Embiid’s Situation:

Moreover, In Stephen A. Smith’s comments, he also drew a comparison between Doncic’s hypothetical departure and Joel Embiid’s situation with the Philadelphia 76ers. However, it’s essential to recognize the differences between the two scenarios. While Embiid and the Sixers faced challenges, the team made concerted efforts to build around him, resulting in their recent success. Doncic’s decision-making will be unique to his circumstances, the Mavericks’ actions, and his own vision for his career.

Luka Doncic Would Contemplate Departing the Mavericks Should the Team Struggle in the Upcoming Season - Stephen A. Smith
Joel Embiid, MVP of the year 2022-23

Ultimately, the trajectory of Luka Doncic’s future with the Dallas Mavericks remains uncertain. The upcoming season and the team’s performance will undoubtedly influence the narrative surrounding his long-term commitment to the organization. The Mavericks, as an organization, have a vested interest in ensuring that Doncic’s talents are maximized and that they remain competitive. It will be crucial for them to continuously evaluate and adjust their strategy to meet the aspirations of their star player.

Finally, Stephen A. Smith’s opinion regarding Luka Doncic’s potential departure from the Dallas Mavericks has sparked discussions about the superstar’s future. While his comments fuel speculation, the reality is that Doncic’s decision-making will depend on numerous factors, including team success, organizational direction, and his personal aspirations. Only time will tell how the narrative unfolds, and fans will be eager to witness the continued development of one of the league’s brightest talents.

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