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Major Decision Ahead for Houston Rockets: Kevin Porter Jr. Extension or Trade?

In the upcoming season, Kevin Porter Jr. is heading into the final year of his contract with the Houston Rockets.

What makes this situation particularly interesting is that during this offseason, the Rockets found themselves in possession of more available cap space than any other NBA team.

Leveraging this cap space, the Rockets made substantial moves in the free agency market, securing the signatures of prominent players like Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks through lucrative contracts.

In addition to these major signings, the Rockets also made some smaller-scale acquisitions, including Jock Landale, Jeff Green, and Aaron Holiday, who agreed to contracts of lesser financial magnitude.


However, the focal points undoubtedly remain VanVleet and Brooks, whose signings might potentially create a roadblock for Kevin Porter Jr. to secure a spot in the starting lineup.

As a result, the Houston Rockets now find themselves standing at a crossroads as they contemplate the impending offseason. The team will inevitably confront a pivotal decision concerning the progression of Kevin Porter Jr.’s career.

The emergence of VanVleet and Brooks as prominent figures on the roster could potentially influence the Rockets’ course of action, making the upcoming summer a critical juncture for the team’s future lineup composition and overall strategy.

“Even though the Rockets have an unusually high volume of non-guaranteed contracts, their only path to significant cap space in 2024 is by cutting Kevin Porter Jr., and even that gets them closer to $20 million than a max slot,” as reported by The Athletic. 

The Houston Rockets have an option to free up additional cap space by parting ways with other contracts that are non-guaranteed.

However, the substantial portion of this cap space is tied up in Kevin Porter Jr.’s contract. While there are other contracts that can be shed, Porter’s contract makes up the majority of the cap space that could potentially be created.

This adds another layer of complexity to the Rockets’ decision-making process as they weigh their options for managing their cap space and roster composition.

“GM Rafael Stone can presumably decide on non-guarantees for Jeff Green and Jock Landale with the knowledge that they will stay over the cap and under the tax either way,” The Athletic writes. “That does not make either a sure thing to be picked up, but it’s more likely because the Rockets do not gain much flexibility letting them go.”

While many variables lie ahead, the Houston Rockets have consistently maintained a forward-looking perspective.

Upon Rafael Stone taking over as the general manager, a three-year plan was set in motion, propelling the team from a rebuilding phase to their current state. While Houston’s development is ongoing, this three-year vision has been in the works.

However, the Rockets’ aspirations extend even further into the subsequent three years. Particularly, the year 2025 holds significant intrigue.

This is when the Rockets hold a team option on Fred VanVleet’s contract, coinciding with Jalen Green and Alperen Sengün’s new contract terms.

This convergence offers a multitude of potential scenarios, as highlighted by The Athletic.

Every strategic move the Rockets execute moving forward is strategically aligned with the timeline for the team to emerge as a full-fledged contender.

Although that moment isn’t immediate, each passing day progressively draws nearer to the point when the Rockets’ contender status will be fully realized.

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