Meet Yassine Chueko, The Bodyguard Assigned to Watch Over Lionel Messi Both On and Off the Miami Pitch

Lionel Messi has a new bodyguard, and this time, it’s not his undefeated Argentine teammate Rodrigo DePaul. Instead, the role has been taken up by Yassine Chueko, a former MMA fighter and former Navy SEAL. Yassine Chueko, gained significant attention on social media recently.

Lionel Messi Bodyguard
Messi’s Bodyguard on duty

Numerous spectators noticed Chueko running along the sideline after Inter Miami’s captain, Messi, provided an assist leading to a last-minute equalizer against FC Cincinnati in the U.S. Open semi-final on Wednesday.

However, Chueko’s intention wasn’t to partake in the players’ goal celebration. His presence was aimed at preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the field and eventually getting close to Messi.

Messi’s status as the most high-profile football star to ever play in the USA makes him a prime target.

The bodyguard was allegedly recruited based on a personal endorsement from Miami club president David Beckham.

One of Chueko’s responsibilities involves closely shadowing Messi during matches, enabling him to thwart any potential field intruders trying to approach the Inter Miami captain.

Chueko’s responsibilities extend to safeguarding Messi both before and after matches, as well as during public outings with his family, such as shopping trips.

In a video captured prior to Miami’s 4-1 victory against Philadelphia Union earlier this month, Chueko is seen stationed near the Miami team bus, awaiting Messi.

While other players like Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets pass by without triggering a reaction, Chueko springs into action as soon as Messi steps off the bus.

Chueko, as per La Nacion, is a former US Navy SEAL who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.



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Presently, he boasts an Instagram following of 114,000 users. On this platform, his content predominantly revolves around videos showcasing his boxing and martial arts training regimens. Notably, Chueko has participated in multiple mixed martial arts (MMA) fights as well.



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How much does Messi’s Bodyguard earn ?

Messi’s personal security guard reportedly earns approximately $3 million annually, according to Heraldo Deportes and various international sources. This substantial fee covers not only Messi’s protection but also extends to safeguarding his family, including his wife Antonella and their two children. Notably, this guard possesses a versatile skill set, with expertise in boxing, taekwondo, and even prior involvement in MMA.

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