NBA Investigates Suns for Potential Free Agency Violation Involving Drew Eubanks

An investigation by the NBA is underway regarding the Phoenix Suns for potentially violating rules in the free agency process.

This investigation, as reported by Marc Stein, primarily centers on suspected early discussions with Drew Eubanks, a prominent player who signed a two-year contract with the team in July.

The agreement with Eubanks was officially made public by Shams Charania at 5:05 pm CT on June 30, a mere five minutes after the commencement of free agency.

The NBA is expected to render a decision on this matter soon, with past cases indicating that teams found to have acted prematurely in free agency have been penalized by forfeiting a second-round draft pick.

In the previous three offseasons, at least one team in each case lost a second-round pick due to violating free agency regulations.

In 2022, the NBA imposed similar penalties on both the Philadelphia Sixers and the New York Knicks for identical violations.

The 76ers were obligated to surrender two future second-round picks due to early negotiations involving both P.J. Tucker and Danuel House.

Meanwhile, the New York Knicks had to forfeit a single pick for their premature engagement with Jalen Brunson prior to the official commencement of free agency.

It remains unclear why the NBA initiated an investigation into the Suns’ agreement with Eubanks, especially considering that numerous contract agreements were reported within the first hour after the opening of free agency on June 30.

Notably, Phoenix has already traded away all of its own second-round draft picks for the next seven years, with the ability to move picks in 2031 and beyond yet to be allowed.

Therefore, if the team is required to surrender a second-round pick due to this investigation, it is likely to be Denver’s 2024 pick, which the Suns currently control.

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