Where to find the latest NBA trade rumors

where to find the latest nba trade rumors

NBA trade rumors have become one of the hottest sought-after pieces of information that NBA fans often spend time searching for. This, they do in order to keep themselves abreast of all the latest gists.

Since the NBA is a huge community, many websites have springed up with the purpose of feeding fans with the latest news, as well as all the latest NBA trade rumors.

However, in this article, will give a little education to fans as to where they can always find accurate and timely NBA-focused news articles and all rumors about trade.

Where to find the latest NBA trade rumors

There are hundreds of websites have been branded as sources of NBA news, trade rumors, and NBA celebrity gossip.

However, not all of these websites provide accurate information and updated gists fans are eager to read. Some of the information these websites churn out is error-ridden and misleading.

But, the good news is, there are still credible websites that churn out nothing but the correct information. These websites also provide up-to-date NBA trade rumors that satisfy the expectations of fans.

Below are the top five websites where you can get all your latest NBA-related rumors:

1. The Athletic

The NBA section of The Athletic is one of the best sources you can always find the latest and most accurate trade rumors and all the news from the NBA community.

The venerable Sam Amick and Shams Charania are two of the seasoned journalists that feed the NBA section of The Athletic with news and rumors.

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2. HoopsRumors

This is also a wonderful platform for the latest and up-to-date NBA trade rumors.

The platform is run by journalists who are well vested in NBA. About 8 journalists update the website on daily basis. This makes it a place where one would always find new trade rumors to update themselves with.

3. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports NBA section is one of the hubs for all information on player movements. The section boasts of latest and most accurate NBA news and rumors about trades of players.

NBA insider Chris Haynes, is one of the celebrated journalists with Yahoo Sports who take care of the NBA section of the website.


ESPN is undoubtedly one of the biggest sports media organizations in the world. The media house focuses on many sports disciplines including NBA.

The NBA section of the website, which draws millions of visitors every month, features the latest NBA trade rumors and any other news related to the sport.

Notable among the journalists who update ESPN’s NBA section include: the venerable Adrian Wojnarowski, Dave McMenamin, the legendary Bobby Marks, Marc J. Spears, Zach Lowe, and Brian Windhorst.

5. HoopsHype

It would be unjustifiable to exclude this website from the list of websites serving their readers with quality, accuracy, and timely gists surrounding player trades in the NBA.

Furthermore, HoopsHype is clean, easy to navigate, and hosts hundreds of thousands of readers each day.

The website is updated by some of the most renowned names in NBA journalism.

Source: NBA Republic

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