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Patrick Beverley Optimistic About Playing with Harden on 76ers Next Season Despite Trade Requests

This summer, when the Philadelphia 76ers acquired yet another former player from the Houston Rockets, the atmosphere surrounding the move was notably distinct from last year’s signings. In the previous season, the Sixers were confident that former Rocket James Harden would join their ranks. Consequently, Philadelphia gathered a roster of his ex-teammates to create a familiar environment for him.

Patrick Beverley Optimistic About Playing with Harden on 76ers Next Season Despite Trade Requests
Harden and Beverley/Rockets

The addition of Patrick Beverley serves a dual purpose for the Sixers by enhancing their backcourt depth while also potentially aiding them in their ongoing narrative involving Harden. This narrative encompasses his repeated trade requests throughout the offseason.

Beverley made a public effort to persuade Harden to remain, even though the ten-time All-Star had expressed a trade desire to the Los Angeles Clippers, despite picking up his contract option for the 2023-2024 season with the Sixers.

In his appeal to reporters, Beverley expressed his affection for Harden, their close friendship, and their shared history since their time together in Houston. While Beverley’s initial attempt to convince Harden did not seem to yield results, he shared his excitement about their potential future collaboration.

However, Beverley’s overtures were not entirely fruitful. Harden has since taken a bold stance, publicly criticizing Daryl Morey, the President of Basketball Operations for the Sixers. Harden declared his unwillingness to play for any organization involving Morey ever again.

As one of the newest members of the Sixers, Beverley is not pleased with the current situation the team is facing, labeling it as “unfortunate.” Despite this, he empathized with Harden’s perspective on his podcast, “The Pat Bev Podcast.”

Beverley acknowledged that he doesn’t believe Harden’s actions stem from a negative place. He expressed understanding for both sides but recognized the complexities at play.

He defended Harden’s right to feel a certain way and refrained from contributing to any negative press around him. Beverley emphasized that if commitments were made, they should be upheld, demonstrating his support for Harden’s stance.

In the wake of Harden’s recent accusations against Morey, there was considerable speculation about the nature of the perceived deception. While it was widely assumed that Harden’s frustration might stem from an implied understanding, possibly related to the “wink-wink” deal investigated last summer, a report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski clarified that Harden had privately indicated that his comments were a response to Morey ending trade discussions, rather than an accusation of illicit negotiation tactics.

Regardless of the exact reason for Harden’s discontent, his stance remains firm. With the approach of training camp, it is anticipated that Harden might engage in a holdout. Nonetheless, Beverley is hopeful for a resolution that doesn’t involve trading the ten-time All-Star.

Beverley expressed his desire to share the court with Harden, admitting that he had hoped to play alongside him in Philly. He characterized the situation as unfortunate but maintained optimism about the possibility of resolving the matter amicably.

Several Sixers players, including Joel Embiid, Paul Reed, and PJ Tucker, have publicly empathized with Harden’s perspective on the situation. Beverley aligns himself with these players in showing support for Harden, despite the potential holdout looming in October.

The collective influence of these players could potentially play a role in guiding the Sixers towards a more favorable outcome, which involves Harden returning to the team and preparing for the upcoming season in Philadelphia. At present, Harden appears steadfast in his intention to push for a departure from the organization.

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