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Paul George: Clippers Have Excellent Shot at NBA Championship with Me and Kawhi Leonard in Good Health

In a recent interview on the Stephen A. Smith podcast, the Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George expressed his optimism about the team’s chances of winning the NBA championship next year.

Additionally, he shared his belief that the Los Angeles Clippers are likely to secure the second position in the Western Conference standings. 

When asked about the team’s potential ranking if he and Kawhi Leonard remained in good health, George humorously responded with a spot-on impression of Charles Barkley, confidently predicting a second-place finish behind the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference.

Paul George also credited the Denver Nuggets as the reigning champions and emphasized that they hold the title until another team defeats them. He also expressed his belief in the Clippers’ substantial chances of winning the championship, provided that they stay healthy.

Although Paul George made his prediction with the “if healthy” caveat, some might perceive it as a daring statement, considering the Los Angeles Clippers’ recent regular season performance.

While they possess the talent to secure the second spot in the Western Conference, the presence of scheduled rest days for both Kawhi Leonard and George could complicate their pursuit of a top seed, even if they remain injury-free.

Nonetheless, Clippers’ head coach Ty Lue has openly discussed the team’s commitment to a more serious approach to the regular season, aiming for increased victories.

The specifics of this approach remain unclear, but if it entails fewer days off and a heightened level of intensity, the Clippers do have a legitimate chance to claim the second position in the Western Conference standings.

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