Paul George Fined For Publicly Criticizing NBA Officiating

The NBA has declared a $35,000 fine for LA Clippers forward Paul George due to his public critique of the officiating, as revealed today.

The penalty takes into account George’s past tendencies of openly criticizing the referees. His remarks came in the aftermath of the Clippers’ 111-108 defeat against the Denver Nuggets. 

Paul George incurred the anticipated fine after asserting that the Clippers faced an imbalance with a 5 on 8 scenario in Denver on Tuesday night. The league disapproves of such comments.

This marks George’s 13th career fine, with four occurring during his tenure as a Clipper. Notably, ten of these fines, including three as a Clipper, stem from critiques of officiating.

His most recent fine for such remarks was in March 2021. Additionally, earlier this month, he faced a fine for flopping against the Orlando Magic.

The Clippers find themselves without a victory in their recent six games, grappling with the transition into the James Harden era.

Their upcoming game unfolds at the Crypto Arena tomorrow night, hosting the Houston Rockets, who are riding a successful six-game winning streak.

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